Retail Locations

What began as a small roadside stand in the 70’s is now a retail operation that spreads across five states. Centrally located in Missouri, Hale Fireworks also has locations in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, South Dakota, and Texas. During the 4th of July season, Hale Fireworks has around 350 locations and during the Christmas and New Year’s season around 125 locations are in operation.

Hale Fireworks specializes in bringing the highest quality fireworks to the masses for the most competitive prices; Pyro Predator, Ghost Shadow, Golden Bear, Shotgun and our new 2018 brand Kong, King of the Kannister, are all exclusive brands that only Hale Fireworks provides. Hale Fireworks is also a distributor of Black Cat, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Dominator, Winda/Panda, Firehawk/Mighty Max, Supreme, T-Sky, Top Gun and Legend Fireworks.

For Retail inquiries please contact Sandy

Sandy Kueck, Retail Division Manager for Hale Fireworks, has been a driving force with Hale Fireworks since 2012. Sandy has been involved in the fireworks industry for over 23 years, managing her own locations from Sioux Falls, SD to Theodore, AL.

Sandy holds a B.S. in Education through the University of Phoenix. Never did Sandy realize her education degree would be so helpful in the fireworks industry, “directing” Hale Fireworks Retail Operators in being successful and coordinating all aspects of the Retail Division. In Sandy’s spare time, she also “manages” the Kueck household, Billy, husband of 23 years and their two children. Gavin their son has completed Air Traffic Controller School and is currently working as an Air Traffic Controller in great State of Kansas. When Gavin is home, you can catch him and his dad sharing their love of fishing and hunting. Alex, Billy and Sandy’s daughter, has graduated¬† high school, and is attending Ft Scott¬†Community¬†Collage on a full ride scholarship in Kansas and competes on a local and world circuit in barrel horse racing.

Fun non-fireworks fact about Sandy, she is an exceptional fisherman and loves reeling in the big thing!

Travyes Smith, Retail Division Manager for Hale Fireworks since 2012. Travyes is one of the driving forces in Hale Fireworks. In his tenure with Hale Fireworks, Travyes has made a huge impact in the retail division success and he is the other half of the potential World Champion tag team with retail manager Sandy.

Travyes is truly a hands on manager, driving tent stakes with his bare hands and able to lift pallets without the use of a forklift! No equipment is needed when he is around!

Travyes enjoys the simple things in life, his family Krystyn and Kaley, fishing and has been know to be a gun enthusiast!

Fun non-fireworks fact about Travyes, he is a “Halloween” fanatic and shares that passion in Texarkana TX, where he runs the “House of Horror”, one of the best haunted houses and haunted trails you will ever visit.