Drop-Ship Program

Hale Fireworks now specializes in drop ship containers factory direct from China right to your door; saving money in any industry is the name of the game, and drop ship containers can do just that. Simply place the order and Billy will do the rest! Hale Fireworks goes the extra mile to ensure pricing, and the CBM’s are accurate to ensure your container order is full. Hale Fireworks will also be the Record of Importer, handle all of the broker duties, and US Customs information.

Hale Fireworks will help with all of the trucking options to make the drop ship a smooth transition and to ensure your container arrives on time. We allow you to shop with twelve different vendors to provide a huge selection of product. If you need drop ship pricing, contact Billy and with his help start saving money today!

Billy Kueck, Operations Manager and Import Manager for Hale Fireworks. Billy has been a part of Hale Fireworks family since he was a young punk in high school. What started out as a summer job with the Hale boy’s and an easy way to generate beer money for the weekends, turned into a full-fledged career in the fireworks industry.

Billy holds a Business Degree from Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Mo. He also played college football and still has hopes that the Raiders will call and still need him in the NFL Draft!

Together with Mitch, Billy has helped steer the ship as the perfect storm that is the fireworks industry has thrown it’s nastiest tricks at them! He has learned to roll with the punches in the industry and nothing takes him by surprise.

These days you can bet Billy is working hard on his “Chinese” as he has stepped up for the company and is importing all of the fireworks and is handling all the “drop-ship” containers for the wholesale customers.

Non-fireworks fact about Billy, he is actually a great family man who loves to support his wife and kids in fulfilling their dreams. Billy takes the “back seat” when it comes to his family, allowing them to shine in the spotlight.