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  • I Love USA

    I Love USA

    Brand: Golden Bear
    Number of Shots: 33Packaging: 8/1

    This cake put on a little weight this winter. Its bigger and better. With red, white and blue shells, its as easy to sell as saying I Love USA.

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  • Poision Spider

    Poision Spider

    Brand: Pyro Predator
    Number of Shots: 33Packaging: 4/1

    Nishiki willow with blue, silver tails whistling with neon dahlia, blue and red dahlia with titanium reports. Finale of Nishiki willows.

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  • Sleepy Hollow

    Sleepy Hollow

    Brand: Ghost Shadow
    Number of Shots: 33Packaging: 3/1

    Ichabod Crane's favorate cake. An assortment of three different cakes in each case makes this spooky cake a great deal.

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  • Super Nova

    Super Nova

    Brand: Pyro Predator
    Number of Shots: 33Packaging: 4/1

    Sometimes déjà vu isn't exactly as you remember, but this Super Nova shoots like you remember. Each shot has a 15' crackle mine supporting a 40' crossette that seems to hang in the air forever.

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