Our Story

In 1956, Inez Shewmaker asked her daughter Jane Shewmaker Hale if she would take over her fireworks business located at Shewmaker Auto Parts in Buffalo, MO. Jane’s husband, Bob Hale, borrowed two hunderd dollars to buy fireworks at wholesale prices to sell to the public, this is when Jane became known as the “Firecracker Lady”. Since that day, it has been over sixty years, four sons and five generations later, and Jane and Hale Fireworks are still going stronger then ever.

Hale Fireworks is infamous for having some of the best product and creating some of the best labels in the industry.  Some of the earlier labels include; Good Time Bob, Quick Nick, Cyclone Chay, Awesome Austin, Mad Matt, Buffalo Jane, Boomtown, Hale Storm, Hale Bob Comet, Whistling Dixie, Bottless Rockets, Big Hale Bomb, Dollar Bill and Hurricane Georgia.

Fast forward sixty years and you can find these labels associated with the Hale brand; Psycho Ex-Girlfriend, Pyro Gumbo, Juiced, House of Blues, Nuclear Sunrise, Zombie Town, Pryo Predator Canister Shells, The Legend of Chicken Joe and of course, “Firecracker Lady”.

Head Pyro’s:

Jane Shewmaker Hale, lives in Buffalo, MO on the Hale family farm where she and her late husband, Bob, raised four sons, Rick, Reggie, Mitch and Lucas. As a mother of 4 mischievous boys, don’t try to pull anything over on Jane-she’s seen and heard every line in the book!

Jane began selling fireworks with her mom, Inez Shewmaker in Buffalo, MO. Years later her mom suggested Jane and her boys take over the fireworks stand in the summer to make her some spending money. Later, Bob and Jane expanded the business to other locations, and each boy ran a different retail location.

In the fireworks industry, Jane has long been known as “Firecracker Lady” and has her own 500 gram firework with her picture on it!

As a founder of Hale Fireworks, Jane has been involved in the industry for over 45 years. Having moved on from the daily book-work and accounting tasks of her younger years, Jane now enjoys selling at her own fireworks locations, managing her own restaurant, Time Out Café and sportswear store in Buffalo and publishing books as an author.

Jane is active in the community, having help found the Dallas County Alumni Association in 1971 and has retained the Office of President since that time. The Association plans annual homecoming events for the former graduates and host local beauty pageants and other activity, They are also responsible for several scholarships to allow current graduates to be able to afford college. In 2013, Jane was inducted into the Dallas County School Hall of Fame.

In her spare time, Jane is a published author having written a set of children’s mystery books, a set of gift books and numerous short stories in anthologies. She also wrote a local column for over 20 years!

Jane is the President of the Ozark Writer’s Inc, and organization which helps area authors with their work. The organization has compiled and published 5 volumes of “Mysteries of the Ozarks”.

Jane has released a new book in 2019 called “Love is a Blast”. You can pick up your copy of the book today at the Hale Fireworks showroom in Buffalo, Mo

Non-fireworks fact about Jane, she is an exceptional baker ask about her banana bread, it’s a winner!

Robert Mitchell “Mitch” Hale, aka Rocket Man, lives in Buffalo, MO with his wife Kerrie and their 4 dogs, Rodger, Riggs, Dixie and their newest edition, Big Mac!

Mitch graduated from Buffalo High School in 1977 and later graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO with a B.S. in Animal Science.

Mitch has always had local roots and bought into Hale Fireworks, LLC in 1981.

When you meet Mitch it is apparent why Hale Fireworks has become one of the biggest fireworks companies in the industry; the man in charge is superhuman! Mitch’s legendary work ethic and passion for selling fireworks is rivaled by no mortal man. Mitch has perfected the art of selling fireworks. It’s no big deal; he’s only been practicing for over 35 years!

When Mitch isn’t visiting customers on his many travels or scouting for new territories to conquer, you can find him enjoying life with his wife! Mitch and Kerrie share a passion for the fireworks business. They enjoy traveling, gambling, exercising and spending time with their very own “firecracker”, Landri Drew, their 1st grandchild! Mitch and Kerrie had been blessed with a 2nd grandchild Colter Hale Hughes born in 2019!

Mitch has three children, Nick (wife Ashleigh), Chayla (husband Luke) and A.J., who have helped keep the family legacy alive by running their own locations and sharing their dad’s passion for fireworks.

Non-fireworks fact about Mitch, he is full of stories, jokes and other tales from years of his crazy fireworks life. Pick up one of his books or short stories and you can gaze into the mind of a true creative genius. To date, Mitch has published 12 short stories!

Kerrie Thornton Hale, Vice President of Business Development/Financial Advisor with Hale Fireworks. Even though Kerrie may be new to, the Hale Fireworks world, she is no stranger to the fireworks industry. Kerrie has ran her own successful fireworks company for over 15 years. Prior to owning her fireworks company, Kerrie ran a contract building company where she was success in the Indiana/Illinois area building and completing several projects.

Kerrie has been the driving force with the recent expansion of Hale Fireworks. She has dreams for her husband’s company and together they are working hard to move Hale Fireworks into the future to continue to be the “world’s best” in the industry.

Kerrie has a passion for her family, she is a wonderful daughter, sister and aunt. Her nephews and nieces, Nathan, Collin, Delaney, Sophia and Olivia are her absolute heart. She has been extremely active in their lives growing up and staying active even being more long distance these days.

Kerrie is an avid lover of sports, she loves her Chicago Bears, White Sox and after migrating to Missouri, has become an avid KC Chiefs fan! She has also been known to bet on a game or two.

When she is not traveling between Indiana and Missouri, you can find her as the CEO of Hale household, keeping Mitch in line, working on new renovation projects at their home, planning a great meal or just spending time with Mitch.

Fun non-fireworks fact about Kerrie, she is an avid outdoorsman, waiting for Mitch’s cue to shoot that big buck!