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  • Green Lanturn

    Green Lanturn

    Brand: Shotgun
    Number of Shots: 200Packaging: 18/1

    The "super hero" of a saturn battery, this 200 shot shoots green tracer, green mines with green lights.

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  • Jigglin Jivin Jelly Beans

    Jigglin Jivin Jelly Beans

    Brand: Shotgun
    Number of Shots: 1Packaging: 18/1

    This big can of jumping beans tosses out very vivid globs of red, green, purple.

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  • Lets Party

    Lets Party

    Brand: Ghost Shadow
    Number of Shots: 20Packaging: 18/1

    Party on with big breaks of red, white and blue stars with head banging reports.

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  • Piggy Bank

    Piggy Bank

    Brand: Pyro Predator
    Number of Shots: 1Packaging: 18/1

    You will need a place to put your extra $$ when you buy from Hale's with all of the $$ you save. This bank sprays fireworks and then your ready to fill it with $$.

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